Kindle em inglês – Tenho Monstros na Barriga



The book “I have more monsters in my belly” is the continuation of book 1, “I have monsters in my belly”, and tells the story of little Marcelo, the main character, when discovering and exploring new “little monsters” in his belly – love, loneliness, envy , shame, longing, anxiety, guilt and frustration. Reading helps in the process of discovering and developing socio-emotional skills and emotional intelligence. In addition, it is a great opportunity for parents, teachers and children to join this adventure. The books I have monsters in my belly and I have more monsters in my belly were written by tonia casarin with the aim of helping children to recognize and better understand their emotions, in addition to helping parents and teachers to join in this adventure, supporting children during the process of discovery and development of socio-emotional competences and emotional intelligence.


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